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WIFI Central Logger

Agroconecta has two kinds of CENTRAL LOGGERS. Which one you choose depends upon your location and its features.

If you have internet access, the hub will connect to your existing WiFi network in order to send data to our platform. If you don’t have WiFi, we can provide you with a hub that has connectivity built in. Whatever the conditions of the place where measurements are to be taken may be, we have the materials and devices necessary for proper functioning.

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Dimensions of the wifi central logger: 180 x 180 48.5 mm

  1. Outdoor Magnetic Antenna (5 dBI):
  • Line-of-Sight Range: up to 1.5 km
  • Length: 29 cm
  1. OMNI or YAGI Outdoor Antenna (7 dBI minimum):
  • Line-of-Sight Range: up to 3 km
  • Length: 75.6 cm





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