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Soil Sensor (temperature, humidity and electrical conductivity) + Environment (temperature, humidity and luminosity)

Our wireless device with a CO2 concentration sensor built in is currently under development. The date of its availability will be made known via the social networks and other means of communication. If you are interested in this product, please send us an email to tell us so that we can let you know when it’s available. Agroconecta, Wireless Data.


This device is designed to capture measurements of the environment and soil, it is also protected against external phenomena (dust, water, etc, ..).

The soil moisture sensor consists of two electrodes that function as a capacitor with the surrounding soil. The sensor circuit detects changes in water content and relates them to the moisture content of the soil.

Electrical conductivity is measured with a pair of carbon ink electrodes in contact with the soil solution. Temperature is measured with a thermistor encapsulated in the sensor trim.
Technical specifications.

Electroconductivity: This sensor also has temperature, humidity and luminosity built into the board.

Voltage -> 3 V

Working temperature -> -50 to 85 ºC

Range of soil temperature readings -> -50 to 85 ºC

Precision in soil temperature -> + – 0.6 ºC

Soil moisture reading range -> 0 to 100%

Accuracy in soil moisture -> + – 3%

Electroconductivity reading range -> 0 to 10 mS / cm

Electroconductivity Accuracy -> + -2%

Oscillator frequency -> 80 MHz


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